Every man has had the experience of not being able to get laid. It happens when you’re young and inexperienced, and it happens when you’re old and bitter. It’s easy enough to blame it on your circumstances like maybe you lack confidence or the right personality. 

A sure-fire solution to your concern is dating sexy Perth escorts and then having your wildest fantasies come true. But there might be something else going on here. Is there a dearth of women willing to sleep with men at all? 

If so, your inability to get laid may be part of a much bigger problem many men experience, as probably, there is a shortage of willing women.

The Reasons Why Men Can’t Get Laid

There are a number of reasons why men can’t get laid. These include:

Lack of confidence. This is the most common reason men fail to attract women, and it’s also the easiest to correct. If you’re not confident, then just fake it until you make it. 

Go out there and act like an alpha male instead of a beta male who doesn’t get much pussy. You’ll see results almost immediately once you start acting better around girls.

Insecurity. If you don’t feel good enough about yourself or your life situation, this will affect how well women respond and interact with you when they meet them. 

There are plenty of ways to deal with this problem, too. One way would be working out regularly to keep yourself healthy and look better physically. That can help boost self-esteem levels quickly over time because suddenly, everyone to be with instead of you just wanting those other guys who look hot. 

Perfect sexy tan woman with perfect skin.

Get Your Place Ready For Some Action 

Clean your place as clutter and being a hoarder weighs you down. Sweep up any trash on the floor, dust off surfaces that need dusting, wash dishes in the sink, and wipe down counters and appliances with disinfectant wipes. 

Having a tidy place that is clutter free clears your mind and makes your home that kind of place ideal for entertaining girls. Don’t make it into a horror house like those hoarders on TV, as that will be a total turn-off for many girls. Being clean is a must for the sake of your mental health and well-being. 

Are You The One That Causes The Crisis?

The crisis of men being unable to get laid is a serious issue that must be addressed. Note that it is possible that there is no shortage of willing women, but the crisis is the way that you approach things. 

You might be in a situation that makes you unattractive to the ladies, so you don’t get to score. You may be refusing to date or to take a risk of asking a girl out, or even ignore the ones that are interested in you. 

In Conclusion

Men who cannot find women for sex often suffer from low self-esteem and may experience depression. Take action now to be ready to get laid, like becoming physically fit and getting your place clean, so women will want to be with you.